Instructions for Authors

  1. The articles (paper) must be an education and culture research result or a scientific study of researchers in education, teaching and learning, culture, philosophy, humanities, and language fields.
  2. The articles must be original and have never been published or are being submitted to another journal. Articles ever presented in a forum, such as seminars, should be mentioned forum. Authors must fill in the declaration form Journal of Education and Culture (JEC).
  3. Copyright of received articles shall be assigned to Journal of Education and Culture as the publisher of the journal. The intended copyright includes the right to publish articles in various forms (including reprints). Journal of Education and Culture maintain the publishing rights to the published articles.
  4. All submitted paper have to be written by referring to APA style (author-name).
  5. All articles (paper) are submitted through online journal system. If you already have an acount, you may log in first. If you don't, please REGISTER to the system.
  6. Article (paper) is written in Indonesian or English properly 3500 - 5000 words in one (1) column, 1.0 paragraph spacing, A4 paper with margin 2.5 cm on top, bottom, and right, and 3 cm on left, font Times New Roman 10, with MS word program. To facilitate the process of writing, the author STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to download the journal Template on our journal website.