About the Journal

Journal of Education and Culture (JEC) is a journal managed by Indra Institute Research & Publication, with ISSN 2797-8052. The journal publishes three issues in a year, in February, June, and October. JEC focuses on education, teaching and learning, culture, philosophy, humanities, and language fields.

Journal of Education and Culture (JEC) was established with the aim of becoming a publication medium for academics, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the fields of education, culture, and humanities. The journal aims to present high-quality articles covering various topics related to education and humanities, including theory, methodology, research, and practical applications.

Articles published in JEC undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure their quality and validity. This process involves experts in the fields of education and humanities who provide constructive feedback on the articles submitted.

JEC welcomes authors who wish to publish their articles in the journal. Articles submitted must meet the established requirements and be relevant to the journal's scope. The benefits of publishing in JEC include increasing research visibility and expanding readership.

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the topics discussed in JEC, the journal provides broad insights for readers from various disciplinary backgrounds. With a focus on education, culture, and humanities, JEC is an ideal platform for developing discussions and thoughts in these fields.