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Welcome to the Indragiri Multidisciplinary Research Journal (IMRJ), a platform dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discourse and knowledge exchange. Published by the Indra Institute for Research & Publication, the IMRJ releases its issues periodically, thrice annually in September, January, and May. Commencing its scholarly journey in September 2021, the IMRJ serves as a conduit for disseminating cutting-edge research and insightful studies across a diverse spectrum of disciplines.

Our journal welcomes contributions spanning various fields, including but not limited to education, economics, law, health sciences, agriculture, engineering, energy, technology, and the social sciences. Through rigorous peer-review processes, we aim to showcase high-quality research that transcends disciplinary boundaries, offering valuable insights and solutions to contemporary global challenges. Join us in advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration in the pursuit of academic excellence and societal impact.

Current Issue

Vol. 4 No. 2 (2024): Jurnal Indragiri Penelitian Multidisiplin
Published: 31-05-2024


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Journal Title : JIPM: Jurnal Indragiri Penelitian Multidisiplin
Initials : JIPM
Subjects : Pendidikan, Hukum, Kesehatan, Pertanian, Teknik, Energi, Teknologi, dan Ilmu Sosial
Language : Bahasa Indonesia, English, Arabic
Frequency : 3 Issues per Year (January, Mei, and September)
ISSN : 2808-0432 (E-ISSN)
DOI : prefix 10.58707
Editor-in-Chief : Andriansyah, S.Pd., M.Pd
Publisher : Indra Institute Research & Publication
E-mail : info@jurnalindrainstitute.com
Citation Analysis : Google Scholar