• Journal of Education and Culture

    Journal of Education and Culture (JEC) is a journal managed by Indra Institute Research & Publication, with ISSN 2797-8052. The journal publishes three issues in a year, in February, June, and October. JEC focuses on education, teaching and learning, culture, philosophy, humanities, and language fields.

    JEC was established with the aim of becoming a publication medium for academics, researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the fields of education, culture, and humanities. The journal aims to present high-quality articles covering various topics related to education and humanities, including theory, methodology, research, and practical applications.

  • Jurnal Indragiri Penelitian Multidisiplin

    Welcome to the Indragiri Multidisciplinary Research Journal (IMRJ), a platform dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discourse and knowledge exchange. Published by the Indra Institute for Research & Publication, the IMRJ releases its issues periodically, thrice annually in September, January, and May. Commencing its scholarly journey in September 2021, the IMRJ serves as a conduit for disseminating cutting-edge research and insightful studies across a diverse spectrum of disciplines.

    Our journal welcomes contributions spanning various fields, including but not limited to education, economics, law, health sciences, agriculture, engineering, energy, technology, and the social sciences. Through rigorous peer-review processes, we aim to showcase high-quality research that transcends disciplinary boundaries, offering valuable insights and solutions to contemporary global challenges. Join us in advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration in the pursuit of academic excellence and societal impact.

  • TRIMAS: Jurnal Inovasi dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat

    Welcome to TRIMAS Journal: Journal of Innovation and Community Engagement, an esteemed platform dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of groundbreaking research outcomes within the realm of Community Engagement Activities (PKM). With the ISSN No. 2809-1957, TRIMAS Journal serves as a beacon for scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike, offering a holistic perspective on the innovative initiatives and impactful endeavors undertaken in service to society.

    TRIMAS: Journal of Innovation and Community Engagement stands as a testament to the commitment towards fostering intellectual discourse and elevating the quality of scholarly output in the domain of PKM. Our mission is twofold: to propagate conceptual ideas and research findings that contribute to the enrichment of PKM practices, and to elevate the caliber of written contributions derived from community engagement activities to align with the standards of premier research journals.

    Published biannually, in June and December, TRIMAS Journal provides a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices, catering to a diverse array of disciplines and thematic areas within the PKM framework. Through rigorous peer-review processes, we endeavor to ensure the dissemination of high-quality, impactful research that resonates with both academia and society at large.

  • IKHLAS: Jurnal Pengabdian Dosen dan Mahasiswa

    Selamat datang di Jurnal IKHLAS: Jurnal Pengabdian Dosen dan Mahasiswa. Jurnal ‎Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat (PKM) ini merupakan jurnal yang memuat berbagai artikel ‎semua disiplin ilmu pada skema kegiatan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat.
    Jurnal IKHLAS bertujuan untuk menyebarluaskan pemikiran atau gagasan konseptual dari ‎hasil penelitian yang telah dicapai di bidang PKM, selain itu juga untuk meningkatkan ‎kualitas tulisan hasil dari PKM tersebut agar memiliki nilai yang sama dengan jurnal penelitian ‎lainnya, sehingga dapat digunakan untuk keperluan pengurusan Jabatan Fungsional Dosen ‎atau yang lainnya.‎

    Jurnal IKHLAS: Jurnal Pengabdian Dosen dan Mahasiswa terbit 3 kali dalam setahun, yaitu ‎bulan April, Agustus, dan Desember.‎

  • AL-DALIL: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial, Politik, dan Hukum

    AL-DALIL: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial, Politik, dan Hukum (Journal of Social Science, Political, and Law) is an open access, and peer-reviewed journal. Our main goal is to disseminate current and original articles from researchers and practitioners on various contemporary social, political and law issues: gender politics and identity, digital society and disruption, civil society movement, socio-economic, community welfare, social development, citizenship and public management, public policy innovation, international politics & security, media, information & literacy, politics, governance & democracy, radicalism and terrorism. It includes but is not limited to various fields such as philosophy and theory of law, comparative law, sociology of law, international law, constitutional law, private law, economic law, environmental law, criminal law, administrative law, cyber law, human rights law, and agrarian law.

    AL-DALIL is published every four months of the year (March, July, and November). Submissions are open year-round. Before submitting, please ensure that the manuscript is in accordance with AL-DALIL's Aims & Scope, written in Indonesian or English, and follows our Instructions for Authors & Manuscript Template.

  • Integrated Sport Journal (ISJ)

    Integrated Sport Journal (ISJ) is a journal that focuses on sports, health, and recreation. Its scope includes physical education, sports education, public health, physical health, achievements, and tourism management. The journal is published thrice a year, in January, Mei, and September. (ISSN 2987-8721)